Here’s What We Do Better

At Chan Brothers MICE & Travel, we promise to give you the “WOW” factor services. From conceptualising of ideas to delivering a unique brand experience for your event, our team will deliver services exceed your expectation and bring you an impeccable experience.

We provide a ONE STOP FULLY INTEGRATED travel & meeting services, and you will be freed from all the traveling hassles by engaging our services.

Our services:

  • Booking Accommodation
  • Booking Group Air Tickets and assisting in Visa Application
  • Providing Transfer and Coaching Services
  • Organizing seminars, business meetings, business lunches and dinners
  • Managing any other travel or events related services

Why Chan Brothers MICE

We present and deliver ideas and experiences that are off-the-rack.

  • Our local partners are accustomed to handling Customers’ needs.
  • We have the needful soft skills required to deliver a well-organized trade mission/event/trip.
  • We have a strong I.T. infrastructure and support.
  • We have a team of experienced In-House Tour Managers and Event Managers.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • 5D4N Taiwan Trip form 10th -14th Feb 2016: This time we really enjoy ourselves. Everyone is happy.

    Ms Vivien

    — Paintmart Pte Ltd

  • Dear Christie, Thank you for arranging our recent trip to Yunnan, 2-11 August 15. It was a wonderful trip and my members unanimously agreed that小单 is the best tour guide we have come across so far, after travelling on our overseas trips for many years. She is very professional and knowledgeable in her work, contributing much to the contents of our next new book 非一般的旅行 I would like to thank you for your excellent service once again and for hand picking小单 for this trip. Thank you very much.

    Ms Kan

    — Buddha Eye (Buddhist Group)

    Ms Kan
  • The Beijing Trip is a great success! Thank you for taking care of our needs, especially the needs of the food. I heard the local tour guide, before every meal, warned the local restaurant not to use peanut oil, which has effectively ensured the safety of our students. Mr. Lim has also offered his help to our trip. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to say thanks to him at Changi airport as I waited a long time to get my luggage.

    Dongping Yuan

    Chinese Teacher — Australian International School

    Dongping Yuan
  • Hokkaido trip was really good! We had such great times and enjoyed ourselves so much. The heavy snow and unscheduled delay made it quite an adventure for us. You were right about the snowmobile ride, it was fun! And the scenery we get to experience was breath-taking! David was a real charm and such a  wonderful guide. We truly appreciate his great tips and accommodating to our every needs. My bosses were really happy too (though they don’t really like the long bus journey, the destination was worth it!). Hopefully we can get you to arrange our next trip for us next year. And thank you, Christie, for all your hard work and patience. We really appreciate it!

  • Thank you Christie very much for your excellent and fantastic service! You are really awesome! Really knowledgeable, efficient and caring! As one of the two tour guides for the 6days 5nights Borobudur Getaway, you and Willi have both served right from your hearts, and gone the extra mile. Especially would to say a million thanks to you for your constant care and patience in accompany me for my frequent visit rounds when Nature Calls. I have very fond memories of the time that we have spent together with the Foyer Buddhist Group from 16 Dec to 21 Dec 2014.

    Ophelia Goh

    Buddha Eye (Buddhist Group)

    Ophelia Goh
  • You have topped our Hokkaido trip with the most fun, everything was great, from itneraies, to good meals and comfortable hotels.  It is not a small achievement under any circumstances. All of us are really thankful to your great planning and co-ordination. The warmth and hospitality Mr Simon, Mr Thomas and the two friendly coach drivers showed brought joy and created atmosphere of sorts to this trip. Nevertheless, we greatly thank you Christie for your great job and made our Hokkaido trip wonderful and full of joys and excitements.

    Connie Chiang

    Forte Engineering Pte Ltd

    Connie Chiang
  • We have had a great time in Phuket over the weekends. To sum up our experience, the local tour guide was informative and helpful, the hotel was great with brand new facilities and sumptuous food. Most importantly, the 2 dinners were great places and serves excellent food. Thank you Michelle for all your assistance in planning this trip for us. Is great!

    Shirley Tan

    Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd

    Shirley Tan
  • On behalf of the management of RCS Logistics Singapore, we would like to thank you May for the efficient service and travel package offered to our company trip to Bangkok over the 2 weekends in separate batches. The price was very reasonable and our stay there was clean and satisfying. Hotel location was also very convenient to us. Arrangements were prompt and we had a hassle-free trip which is what we needed and appreciate your effort and attention very much. From all of us at RCS, thank you again and would hope that we can have the opportunity to engage your services again in the near future.

  • Thank you so much for all the patience and tolerance on all the changes made by us. Really appreciate all the assistance and advise from you to fulfil this trip for Pfizer. You have done an excellent service also by recommending your best tour guide for us on this trip. Our Nutrition team really enjoyed it and have a great excellent Europe trip recommended by you. Hope to work with you again.

    Katherine Tang

    Pfizer Private Limited

    Katherine Tang
  • We would like to compliment Chan Brothers Mice & Travel for dedicated and good services in arranging our company incentive trip. We like  the excellent service and dedication to their jobs during the course of the tour. They made every possible effort to ensure that every members were taken care and the itinerary was met. The great service provided  by them was a wonderful and pleasant one. Once again, thank you !

    Jeff Koh

    Senior Business ManagerAsia Paint (Singapore) Pte Ltd

    Jeff Koh